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Join us!

Accolades for Steven Barnes:


“Steven Barnes (is) uniquely powerful (in helping others balance) their physical

and emotional arenas along a spiritual pathway to abiding self love and unifying purpose.”

–Gerald M. Levin,

Former CEO, Time/Warner


“Thank you, brother.  I took the psychological grace you helped me foster into the cauldron….and came out with the gold.  You’re the best!”

–Scott Sonnon, four-time Gold Medal Winner, 2010 World Martial Arts Game


“(I thought) this program would be helpful.   I was wrong.   It wasn’t helpful.  It changed my life. It SAVED my life.”

–LaVeda Mason, writer


“Steve brings to the table a unique blend of unconditional support, life wisdom and listening with his heart, his head and his inner guidance so that I knew his feedback and direction were always for my higher good. He helped me on my journey to get a deeper understanding of breaking through old patterns of behavior which weren’t serving me in my life and finding a new balance that allows me to operate at a higher level of consciousness.  I’d recommend working with Steve if you’d like to live a life of authenticity, ease and joy and want support, guidance, insight and direction in that process.”

Debbie Bermont


I am 54 years old and have wanted to be a writer since I was young.  Other than school assignments, I had never written a thing.  I subscribe to writers’ magazines and have been to a writers’ conference.  I’m always writing stories in my head.  I’m not really sure what had stopped me.  I finally got serious.  I got a coach.  During my first month with Steve, I wrote a short story and submitted it for publication.  I am knee deep in the next one.  By the time I get my first rejection slip, I should have three or four in the pipeline.  I’m on my way and I’ll keep going.  Steve’s knowledge, experience, patience and rapport combine to make him a great coach.  I recommend him without reservation.

Tom Flint – March 2010


“Steven Barnes (HERO’S JOURNEY) work, begun years ago, helped me learn the balance of body, spirit, and soul that helps me lead a truly wonderful life.  I have a successful career as a CIO, I have reached my personal dreams of being a published author, and have a wonderful partner.”

Brenda Cooper, award-winning author of THE SILVER SHIP AND THE SEA and READING THE WIND


“I have read much over the last 4 years, to improve how I lived and how I wrote. But nothing combined the two into such basic understandable holistic symmetry as did your “Lifewriting” workshop. “`When the student is ready the master appears.’ “Your advice is a honored gift” My goal and resolve has been galvanized by the `Lifewriting’ Tapes. Thank you for being my teacher!”

–Corey Locke


“That was out of this world coaching, Steve—clear, concise, profoundly liberating to my performance. Identified exactly where I’m hemorrhaging my power and caulked the breach! Glad you’re in my corner, Steve.  You are an incredible sport psychology coach.  Your insights and reflections are gold… as will be the medal that I win for our country, thanks to your help!”

Scott Sonnon, Coach, Distinguished Master of Sport, International martial arts champion, and creator of the Clubbell™


Steven Barnes has been a uniquely powerful practitioner at Moonview Sanctuary in enabling our clients to balance their physical and emotional arenas along a spiritual pathway to abiding self love and unifying purpose.”

Gerald M. Levin,
Former CEO, Time/Warner
Presiding Director, Moonview Treatment and Optimal Performance Center


“I’ve learned more from Steve Barnes, in the more than twenty years I’ve known him, than from any other man besides my own father. The clarity of his thinking and teaching is unparalleled in my experience, his honesty is unusual, and what he teaches, he lives. This is a man who walks the walk. I’ve never met, and doubt I ever will meet, another teacher whose judgment makes me rethink my own on such a regular basis.”–Dan Moran author, “The Long Run”

“From the moment Steven Barnes opened his mouth, his depth and breadth of human understanding and behavior, especially in the context of storytelling which is timeless, inspired me to BE more, GIVE more and live my life on purpose. Both my personal and professional relationships have surged to heights that would give most people a nosebleed! He’s given me tools and understanding that have taken me from a struggling filmmaker to become a better storyteller, father, internet marketer, film producer, and business building coach that can command five to six figures upfront. He’s THAT good! Anything Steven has to say, I’m there to listen, learn, soak it up like a sponge, then act accordingly to greater success.Thanks, Steven!

Andy Duncan
Film Producer and Internet Marketing expert


Steve Barnes is superbly qualified, with a well-tested program for achieving complete integration of mind, body, and spirit.

I’ve heard Steve speak at writer’s conferences about the craft of writing and how writers can develop inner depth by exploring their personal hero’s journey. I’ve also participated in martial arts classes he’s taught. I still benefit from his program of daily physical movements and breath work practices. Taken all together, I’m impressed with Steve’s advanced level of mastery in so many areas and how he is an impressive role model for everything he teaches.

Some “health practices” writers interview martial arts masters and write about what the various experts told them—but do not write from inner knowledge.

Some martial arts masters write about what they teach—but don’t write in an easy-to-read way.

Some teachers of personal growth and self-development are good at writing about their programs—but their focus on inner growth ignores the importance of the interactive influences between mind and body.

In contrast, Steve Barnes’ proven talents as a writer, writing instructor, teacher of self-development, life-long student of many of the oldest martial arts forms, and his skills as a martial arts instructor make him uniquely qualified to write a unique, powerful, effective program for developing a strong, healthy well-integrated body, mind, and spirit.

And, his program will be appropriate for both beginners and experienced practitioners to use.  The outcomes for anyone who goes through his program will be to develop physical, mental, and emotional flexibility, relaxed self-confidence, sustained energy under pressure, and quick coping skills—all much needed in today’s world of rapid, non-stop change and unexpected adversities.

Al Siebert, PhD., Director of The Resiliency Center
author of The Survivor Personality, and The Resiliency Advantage,
featured on “Oprah”


“I cannot think of a more useful tool. Thorough, folksy, immaculately reasoned, eminently listenable, the course fortunately mirror Barnes’ personality: intelligent, dedicated and extraordinarily witty.”

— 1982 PULITZER PRIZE nominee Chris Bunch


“Outstanding. Barnes educates, entertains, and more importantly, motivates… in a no-nonsense cut-to-the-chase method useful for everyone from beginners to working professionals. He’s been there, done that, and he shares it joyfully herein. The tapes would be a bargain at twice the price.”

–New York Times best selling novelist Steve Perry


“Lifewriting…changes recreation into restoration, and allows us to decipher the collective wisdom of mankind (no small feat!). It it the ultimate interpreter for the language of personal myth.”

Mike Sargent, writer, filmmaker, radio personality (WBAI “Nightshift”)

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